JOJO Game runs on Android/IOS firmware and above, if you encounter any problems, when running this software on the mobile phone with other brands or models, JOJO Game is not liable. The app is developed by JOGAME, without the consent or authorization of JOGAME, developing and releasing any other software derived from the app is illegal.

Download, install and use of such App may lead to unpredictable risk, which results in some legal Responsibility and disputes that has nothing to do with JOGAME. Users are advised not to use a Jailbreak version to install the JOJO Game, JOGAME has no responsibility for problems in the process of using any Jailbreak versions. You shall not conduct any behaviors or violate the intellectual property rights of the JOJO Game or its software elements, or to damage to the profits and interests of JOGAME, its cooperative units and its users. JOGAME and its cooperative Units will not allow you to engage in these behaviors, and have the right to take technical measures and legal measures to prevent you from engaging in these behaviors including but not limited to:

(1)Interfere the fairness of the JOJO Game or impact the normal order of the game. Such as actively or passively using a brush, partner cheating, the use of plug-game or other cheating Software, or using BUG to obtain improper illegal profits, or using the Internet or other means to make the plug-game, cheating software and BUG public;

(2)Engage in some commercial activities ,such as Advertising, selling goods; or damage the interests of JOGAME, such as selling chips, Refund money, etc.

(3)Posing as a game administrator of the JOJO Game publish any fraud or false information;

(4)Publish, forward, spread the content of abusing, cursing, slandering, assalting, libeling JOGAME and third-party partners, or the illegal speech about feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, Inciting ethnic hatred, endangering national reunification, subverting state power and other distasteful, offensive remarks, or set some name or game name containing he content above;

(5)In the JOJO Game , take the malicious acts, such as malicious spam, malicious time-consuming and so on, to destroy the public order of the game;

(6)Deliberately spread malware of computer viruses; or publish, forward, disseminate the word,Pictures, photographs, programs, video, images and or animation, etc. Which violates the third-party partners’ legitimate rights of intellectual property, portrait, name, reputation, privacy and so on; publish the fake official website URL or link of the JOJO Game;

(7)Any line transactions are not subject to official protection;

(8)Use any unlawful means to gain the chips and other virtual goods, the official has the right to deal with the relevant accounts, including but not limited to buyers and sellers account, transit, storage account and all the accounts associated with illegal game coin ,and retain the right to pursue its legal responsibility. Due to possible problems caused to guest accounts after the latest Android/IOS update, we recommend users to bind their guest accounts to JOGAME Pass to ensure their safety. JOGAME LIMITED is not responsible for any problems caused for not doing so.

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